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Terms of Service

Post by [ADM]Salazar on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:54 pm

By using our webpage and/or game client and accessing any of the content that we have provided, you agree to accept and be bound by rules, regulations and policies which are set henceforth. You hereby also embody the fact that you are of legal aptitude to agree and be bound by this documentation and agreement without being excluded from any sort of domestic and foreign legal jurisdiction. This documentation can and will be amended at any given instance with no prior notice. The responsibilities to keep yourself updated on these amendments are of your own. The minimum age requirement of this game as passed by law is 18 years of age, anyone intending to play this game being under the stated age agree to have parental consent as there is highly graphic content present.

General Rules:

1) Hacking of any sort will result in an instant and immediate ban. No warnings will be given.

2) Stat padding will result in a permanent ban. Having one or more toons from separate factions in the same pvp map isn't allowed, and can be considered stat padding.

3) Character/Guild names with racial, sexist, vulgar, obscene or questionable forms of language are not allowed.

4) Kill Stealing (KSing) is not allowed unless it is a Boss. Troll resetting a boss from your own faction will not be tolerated.

5) Spawn killing and entering the opposing faction's castles, safe zones and strongholds is not allowed and will result in an immediate jail for 24 hours. The opposing faction's base is defined as anything behind the forward-most guard.

6) Any use of Third-party Software and Farming Bots will result in a ban. Third-party Software includes -but is not limited to- injectors, game.exe's that are not ours, other server files, 'speed rerollers', etc.

7) Items lost in PvP due to lack of PID/PED are of own risk. Opposing faction members are not obligated to return your items to you, and staff will not replace them.

Cool Linking is at your own risk. Staff will not replace broken items.

9) Sharing account information is of your own risk.

10) Being inside obstacles is not allowed. An example of this would be the temple in DD2. This does not apply to altars.

Rules for Raids:

1) Raid loot must be set to Team Order unless otherwise specified by a GM. The only exception to this rule is GRB.

2) Boss Raids - Are not allowed to be guild raids/parties; they must remain open to ALL players. Boss raids may be closed at 50%; if everyone in raid agrees, the raid may stay open. After a warning, leaders may kick: leechers, AFKers, those that refuse to listen, and drama/issue starters.
NOTE: CS Boss raids may be locked when the FIRST FORM is under 50%.

3) PvP Raids - Are to remain open at all times. Closing a raid to save room for a guildie or friend is not allowed. If people volunteer to sit to balance PvP, that's acceptable; Raid leader cannot force people to sit. After a warning, leaders may kick: leechers, AFKers, those that refuse to listen, and drama/issue starters.

4) MM Raids - Are to remain open at all times, no exceptions. Seeing as MMs are designed for new players, try to ensure there's room for them. An MM is any occasion when Bosses/mobs are spawned outside of their normal spots. After a warning, leaders may kick: leechers, AFKers, those that refuse to listen, and drama/issue starters.

5) Soloing/Parties/Closed raids for bosses in PvP zones are not permitted. Leaving a raid just before a boss dies to collect drops because you dealt the most damage is not permitted and will result in jail time.

6) All communication using Raid Chat must be in English and bash/insult free.

Regarding Staff:

1) Impersonating staff is not permitted. This includes using the ranger skill Disguise to take the appearance of a staff member. If your name is the same as or too similar to that of a tagged staff toon, you'll be asked to change it.

2) Harassing/Complaining about staff PvPing on one faction or the other will not be tolerated, and will result in jail time. They are players as well, and deserve to PvP without being harassed about bias.

3) Staff will never ask you for your password or personal information. If someone imitating a staff member PMs you asking for your login info, screenshot it and report it immediately.

In Game and Out of Game Chats:

1) Trade chat and area chats need to be English only. You're free to use any preferred language in any other chats.

2) There will be no begging of any sort in any chat.

3) Flaming and Bashing of players/guilds is not allowed.

4) Advertising external servers is not allowed.

5) The Terms of Service for Shaiya Bloodoath does not apply to outside forms of communication; Skype, Teamspeak, etc.


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